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high-protein cookie dough

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Hey guys 🙂

Today, I have a delicious snack idea for you! These cookie dough bites are healthy, chocolatey, gluten-free and refined sugar-free. They also contain a good amount of protein thanks to the kidney beans.

Yes, you read that right.

The first time I tried a sweet recipe calling for kidney beans, I didn’t know what to expect. But honestly, you can’t taste the beans at all.


high-protein cookie dough


These high-protein cookie dough bites are meant to be a healthy snack, so I purposefully did not use refined sugar to sweeten them.

My mom, my siblings and I love them, but if you have a big sweet tooth like my dad, you may find them not sweet enough to your taste. If so, you could use more dates but you may need to use less milk or to add a little more oats to obtain a good texture.

We like to store them in the freezer because we find they taste even better when they are still half-frozen.

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Enjoy the recipe! If you like it, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram (@bloomingnolwenn), I would love to see your recreations 🙂

High-Protein Cookie Dough
Course: Snack
Servings: 30 bites
  • 400 g kidney beans, cooked
  • 130 g gluten-free oats
  • 110 g medjool dates (6)
  • 65 g peanut butter
  • 120 g non-dairy milk
  • 4 tbsp cacao powder
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • chopped hazelnuts or chocolate chips - highly recommended!
  1. Place the oats in your blender or food processor and pulse until they reach a fine consistency.
  2. Add in the kidney beans, dates, peanut butter, non-dairy milk, cacao powder, vanilla extract and salt and process into a smooth and non-sticky cookie dough texture. You can add a some oat flour if the dough is too sticky or some non-dairy milk if it is too dry.
  3. Using your hands, form medium balls and roll them in the hazelnuts or chocolate chips.
  4. Place the balls in the fridge for at least 2 hours before eating.

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High-Protein Cookie Dough Bites


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